I am nothing and, yet everything. I am the greatest, the greatest of them all.

"An explorer standing up tall, pausing the moment to seek the truth.
Holding myself up high with the rising tide.
Me, did see the world.
A glimpse of Earth, a tinge of the Milky Way, and now ashamed of knowing nothing in this vast emptiness.
What is my existence? What makes me different to all the other elements around?
A complexified stardust!


Hello, this is sky awesome with endless possibilities. Sky awesome is a cool name to think of, innit?

I have become the choices I make. They say that to be or not be is the real question. But how is being or not being a question? It was and will always be only a choice. A choice however seeming so full of possibilities is at last only an illusion. An illusion of time, an illusion of nothingness. Neither this vast world nor the universe can urge me to think, what I want to think. And yet, I live here, questioning the Gods or am I questioning me myself?